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We are based in Prague and ready to create web and mobile apps for you.

Frontend for The Graduate
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MS SQL Database Client
Template for Diary
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Latin Phrasebook. Android App
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Windows Phone Game
Online Inventory Management

About us

We are three guys from Slovakia located in Prague, Czech republic. Our mission is to create beautiful apps and make them become a part of everyday life.

We specialize in apps for web, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop.

We are keen on to work on our own side projects. We are proud on One Touch Drawing, game for Windows Phone which reached 5 million downloads, or Barcodery - an app to manage inventory.

We are also ready to offer our services to you. Contact us and we will be happy to bring your project to reality.

The Graduate is a revolutionary technology company based in Asia that seeks to help every student match with the perfect student. We spoke with 10 global front-end and design firms to create the user experience and front-end code for our platform - a critical component to the businesses' success. Of all firms, we were most compelled and excited to work with Blowing Nose. They were clearly interested in the project and were deeply inquisitive and involved in the discourse to develop our products. They were available to meet regularly and felt confident to make suggestions that improved the platform. For those looking for a professional and passionate team to make their ideas a reality, I would not hesitate to recommend Blowing Nose.

Christopher Schrader

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You can email us directly at hello@blowingnose.com